About Us

Gumbo Digital is the next-generation music media company that puts the universe of music at your fingertips, founded in November of 2009 by music fans for music fans. Gumbo Digital has one simple goal: to connect you to the vast world of music and enhance your music-listening experience.

Gumbo Digital’s À la carte, on-demand, and streaming radio listening service provides access to a deep library of over 22 million songs and a millions of albums through its mobile apps on iPhone and Android devices. It surpasses all other music subscription services in its ease-of-use, discovery features and audio quality.
Gumbo Digital’s wide appeal is because we re-create the feeling of walking into a record store and meeting other cool people.
Like standing in the “Rock” aisle, Gumbo Digital gives you:
·         Find the top selling albums easily           
·         Make and share your Gumbo Playlist with friends and family     
·         Share your likes on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
·         Sample each song or album before you buy         
·         Subscribe to streaming radio; and buy awesome legal music!
Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Gumbo Digital investors include Dread Brothers Entertainment, LLC, E Hart Music, Two Pillars Entertainment LLC and many more industry Insiders and music lovers.
If it’s good… it’s Gumbo Digital™
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